Ponga growing in Aotea

Native bush habitat within Aotea Harbour must maintain a balance to ensure there is enough coverage and protection for bird life, native insets and land stabilisation. It will also ensure there is an abundant supply of rongoa Māori. These taonga must be protected.
Known locations will be catalogued, identifying hazardous areas and replanting programmes planned to ensure ongoing regneration and conservation.
Pests, such as possums and goats, which create a lot of damage in the native bush, will be controlled through culling, rounding up, bait stations and traps as an ongoing project.
Any tree which is needed for fencing, building or carving purposes should be replaced by a seedling of the same variety to ensure that efficient numbers are maintained.
Marae and Department of Conservation previously established a native species regeneration programme, encouraging local participation in replanting affected areas
Kaitiaki or kaumātua must be contacted if any taonga or historical artefact is found
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